Series 100: Installation Terminal Strips

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Series 100: Installation Terminal Strips

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Series 100: Installation Terminal Strips


The best choice on the market to make electrical connections, with copper conductors in electrical installations.
Raw materials:
Insulating body:   natural coloured polyamide 6. V2 (according to UL94)
Insert:   nickel-plated brass Ms58.
Screws:   zinc-plated steel CQ-15 and metric thread

Technical information:
- Standard model: 12 poles.
- With the "Easy Break" terminal strip you can use the exact number of poles that you need, without wasting your time in the search and usage of cutting tools.
- Greater protection of the conection by the corps insolating.
- Captive screws.
- Rasised screws, providing an easier insertion of the conductor.
- Halogen free products.

You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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