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Standard Grade Fire Resistant Cable PH120

Category: Cables

Silicone Insulation, Overall Screen, Solid and Stranded Conductor

BS 5839-1:2013 Clause 26.2D
BS EN 50200:2006 (PH 30 - PH 60 - PH 120) 830°C fire and mechanical shocks
BS EN 50200:2006 + Annex E 830°C - 30 min. (15 min. fire and mechanical shocks + 15 min. fire mechanical shocks and water spray)
BS 6387:2013
Cat. C fire @ 950°C - 180 min
Cat. W fire and water @ 650°C - 15 + 15 min
Cat. Z fire and mechanical shocks @ 950°C - 15 min.

Cable construction
Conductors:   Plain annealed copper wire, solid class 1 or stranded class 2 according to  BS EN 60228.
Insulation:   High performance fire resistant silicone rubber type EI2 to BS EN 50363-1.
Cabling:   Insulated cores are cabled together.
Overall screen: Aluminium/polyester tape.

Circuit protective conductor or drain wire : Uninsulated tinned copper conductor of the same section and class as the insulated conductors in the 2-, 3- and 4-core cables. Drain wire of 0.5 mm2 tinned copper conductor is provided in cables with more than 4 conductors.

Outer sheath : LSZH thermoplastic material type LTS3 to BS 7655-6.1. Colour red or white (other colours on request).

Colour code up to 4 cores to HD 308
2 cores blue - brown
3 cores brown - black - grey
4 cores blue - brown - black - grey
7 cores* centre: brown
1st layer: brown - black - 4 cores white
12 cores* centre: brown - black - white
1st layer: brown - black - 7 cores white
19 cores* centre: brown
1st layer: brown - black - 4 cores white
2nd layer: brown - black - 10 cores white
(* on request the cores can be one colour only, identified by printed numbers)

FIRECEL SR 114H are primarily intended for general application.
Typical applications are:

■■BS 5839-1 for standard fire resistant cables in fire detection and fire alarm systems for building
■■BS 5839-8 for voice alarm systems
■■BS 5839-9 for emergency voice communication systems.
■■BS 5266-1 for emergency lighting of premises (PH60)
■■BS 8519 for fire-resistant control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting application - Category 1

Operating temperature
-40°C to +90°C

Applicable Standards
Basic design BS 7629-1
Fire resistant BS 6387 (cat. C-W-Z)
BS EN 50200 (class PH30 - PH60 - PH120)
BS EN 50200 annex E (fire, mechanical shock and water spray)
Flame retardant BS EN 60332-1-2
BS EN 60332-3-24 cat. C
Acid gas emission BS EN 50267-2-1 amd. 2
Smoke density BS EN 61034-2
You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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